Life is simply too short to eat bad food. With our range of sumptuous, ready-made gourmet foods, we take fine dining out of the restaurant and into your home. We combine high quality ingredients with our unique slow-cooking methods to produce exquisitely mouth-watering results, bursting with flavour. Our products are designed to be reheated at home in 15 minutes. Unique, delicious and accessible gourmet food is at the heart of our vision.

Restaurant quality in 15 minutes!

  •  No Mess

  •  No Waste  

  •  No washing up

With precision temperature control, we push the limits of slow-cooking. Our range of ready-made gourmet foods are cooked at sixty degrees for sixty hours using vacuum sealed, BPA free pouches in a water bath (sous vide) - indeed the slowest cooked meals on the planet. The foods are frozen after the sixty hours to seal in all flavours and nutritional value. All you have to do is defrost and simmer for 15 minutes, cut open the bag to release an abundance of flavour and pour over your favourite side. 

The innovative Sixty@60 technique helps us bring restaurant quality food to your home with incredible results: rich and succulent gourmet foods that you can reheat in 15 minutes without losing flavour or texture. Indulge in one of our signature products.

Our products

Lamb Shoulder in a luxury tomato and red wine reduction

Duck Confit, traditionally salted and cooked in its own fat.

Chicken Korma, a traditional UK recipe, coconut, cream and almond

About the founder

Peter founded Sixty@60 after combining his love for food and skill for slow-cooking with his desire to introduce unique and accessible ready-made gourmet food - that can be prepared quickly without the usual mess, waste and cleanup of meal prep - to time-restricted families who love restaurant quality food. 

With a wealth of experience in luxury gastronomy, Peter has created, cooked and composed luxury dishes for a list of high-profile clients, including Royalty, Brad Pitt and Robert Redford. Having trained as a professional chef in London - at internationally recognised restaurants like the Fat Duck - Peter earned his stripes as a coveted personal chef with high-net worth couples and families in London, Europe and the US. He has been flown around the world at the request of various distinguished clients, with success that saw him flown for five years running from London to LA to cook a single dinner on New Year’s Eve. 

Now on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, Peter applies his skills to helping families preparing healthy and unique meals and creating exclusive and one-of-a-kind dinner parties for any occasion. All the while embarking on a mission to share his food with as many families and people as possible through Sixty@60. He first introduced the signature Sixty@60 lamb at the local Noosa farmers market to rave reviews, and now strives to take the Sixty@60 vision worldwide.